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It's been a long time coming, but I'm happy to announce that Taken by Temptation is now being proofed and formatted for ARCs. Release week is right around the corner. This title will be released to ARC readers a few days prior to publishing. If you just cannot wait, ARCs are available if you sign up for my ARC list and all you have to do is promise to leave a review at your favorite retailer. If you prefer a release day final copy, that's fine too. Same story, but you just get it direct to your e-reader.

Thank you Rugged Riders series readers! I wrote Taken by Temptation with you in mind and I really appreciate all your support. It has been a roller coaster ride because these brothers and their minds and motivations aren't the easiest to penetrate. I wanted a story true to character, even if that meant waiting until the hero was ready to talk to me and bear all.

I'm posting the first chapter down below just in case you missed it. Please don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter so you can get the announcement when Taken  by Temptation officially drops at all retailers. The book will release next week after ARCs have been distributed.

Now for the chapter...
Chapter One

Zaira's laughter flowed toward Trent like a magnet, and he paused near the open glass pane doors to listen before following it inside the house. Aside from the partying, BBQ, and open bar, hearing Zaira's voice had to have been the best moment of the block party. Actually seeing her would be the icing on the cake.

Trent hadn't crossed paths with the beautiful vixen in several months despite how much Marcus and Tanya talked about her. Somehow they always seemed to pick opposite days of the week to visit the couple. Trent wanted to hear Zaira's beautiful voice up, close, and personal.

Right now he didn't care if she refused to give him the time of day. If he could only have one moment to acknowledge that she was doing well that would make his night. Hell…he couldn't even figure out why she kept giving him the cold shoulder anyway. What had he done to make her stay far away from him?

Trent grabbed a beer from the bar and looked around the room. There were about a dozen or so people inside celebrating as well but the ambiance was a lot more intimate than the area around the pool. The women outnumbered the men, but usually that was the way the brothers of Rugged Riders rolled. Especially on a night like this. This date marked the day of a new member's initiation into RR. It didn't matter how trivial the occasion was. If there was an excuse to celebrate with women, booze, and food, there almost always was a gathering. They were a close-knit circle of brothers, commonly connected by blood or friendship—and sometimes both. RR was a family he'd always been proud to be a part of.

A football game was being aired on the big screen television in front of three rows of theatre-style seating. The guys were getting riled up in their seats, yelling at a piece of plasma. The NFL season was in full swing and they all had their favorite teams to root for. Trent could conclude that there was live betting going on.  Although betting was his forty, he was in pursuit of something greater.

On the other end of the basement was another wet bar where the cocktails and mixed drinks were being served by a couple of bartenders. Trent had not too long spoken with Drew, who'd recently inherited the mansion. Coincidentally his friend was the one who'd just been initiated. Amidst all the excitement was a pool table, but the active game was not what caught Trent's immediate attention.

As soon as Trent spotted Zaira in the room, there was not one person or thing there that could've swayed his attention from her. He hadn't expected her to be here. She almost never attended any events anymore, not even the one's where her father had been the host.

Zaira Wright was bent over the pool table with a cue in her hand as she positioned herself to hit the ball. There were other spectators hanging around with cue sticks in what appeared to be a group game. It didn't surprise Trent that the center of attention for the few RR brothers standing around the table was Zaira's posed ass in a mini-skirt. He had this instant urge to barge in and snatch her away from roving eyes--an urge that he dispelled quickly given the circumstances.

Zaira made a clean hit, striking one ball, and sending two others into separate pockets. Two women standing off to the side cheered her on and they gave each other high-fives.

Zaira turned around and held her palm out to Nathan, a Texan RR. "Pay up."

Nathan chuckled and pulled out his wallet. "You've got good aim." He put several bills in Zaira's palm.

Zaira was always up to something whenever she did attend the RR parties.

"You've got good cash too." She inspected the bills and then stuck them into the waistband of her skirt. "I proved you wrong. I nailed them both, so what else do you bet I can't do?"

Zaira was known for getting kicks on trying to prove someone she was right or that someone else was wrong. She liked to be in control and from what Trent knew about her, this trait got Zaira her way lots of times…and it also got Zaira in trouble lots of times. Her father definitely had stories for days about her run-ins with the authorities and the like.

"Finish the game. Nail them all," Nathan said. "I bet you can't do that."

Zaira gestured toward the table, a perfect eyebrow arched high in challenge. "Put your money down."

Nathan hesitated for a while until the two men behind him began to tease him. He took out a fresh twenty and laid it down on the corner of the table.

Zaira doubled over in laughter. "Are you kidding me? You're gonna have to come better than that. Bet your whole wallet."

Trent watched Nathan's confident grin disappear, but with the other RR brothers urging him to put the entire contents of his wallet down to appease a woman's challenge, he took the bait. He dropped his wallet on the edge of the table.

In that moment, Trent looked up and his gaze locked with Zaira's. Her eyes sparked instant recognition and something else he couldn't quite pinpoint. She wore the perfect poker face as she sized him up.

Trent took the opportunity and did the same. The flattering black mini skirt was not what attracted Trent to Zaira the most. He'd always had this infatuation to learn her from the inside out. It wasn't a matter of if she would surrender control to him, but it was a matter of when.

But first, he wanted to witness her game plan on the pool table. Trent gave her a nod to greet her silently, twisted the cap off his bottle, and let the cool beer slide down his throat. He lowered the bottle after a few swallows only to find her still glaring at him while chalking her stick.

He winked. Zaira's mouth parted slightly and her eyes were a bit glazed.

There were half empty cocktails lying on a table next to her lady friends. Right away he could tell that she'd had a little too much to drink. As Trent thought about it, her actions were out of the norm. Sure she was saucy, controlling, and challenging, but last time he was with her she hadn't come off as the loose type. Had something changed or did she just need to lay off the cocktails for the rest of the night?

Her lips turned up in a slight grin and her eyelids fluttered downward before she diverted her gaze away from him. With a seductive sway of her hips, she picked up a cocktail, took a long sip, and prepared for her next shot.

Trent was not sure what this strange feeling was or what it meant. This warm thrill ran through him every time he saw something he wanted and intended to have. Even if it took all the determination in him, he would have what he wanted. There was also some other temper running through him and as he looked at the men who threw appreciating glances at the vixen posing and bending over the pool table ready to strike, he pinpointed exactly what it was. He wanted to be the only man in Zaira's life.

He didn't just want her once or twice. He wanted Zaira for himself without limits, infinitely. Biting at his bottom inner lip, he willed himself to cool this possessive streak down—at least for now.

It took Zaira less than five minutes to clear the table, pick up the guy's wallet, and collect all of his cash. This feat didn't surprise Trent either--after all, he was the one who taught her to the play a mean pool game in the first place. He couldn't help but to smile, feeling proud of her win.

The three women she apparently came with surrounded her, cheering her on once again. One of them had a round of shots on a tray and each woman took their turns indulging. Behind Trent, Nathan's crew taunted him about losing all of his money to a woman.

Trent was beginning to feel like a spectator to an outside party he wasn't invited to, but then Zaira lifted her gaze once more to meet his. He felt a little better knowing that she had, in fact, acknowledged that he was there. He couldn't keep her eyes off her, not even if he tried to. Right now, it was virtually impossible. Her laughter, her voice, her body, and even her competitive nature drew him in.

So when Zaira turned, took a step in the opposite direction, and began to stumble, he couldn't help but to intervene. When he caught up to the group of women they were still boasting about Zaira's win. When she leaned against the wall in what looked like an attempt to gain her composure, her friends moved in to hold her steady.

"Ladies..." Trent moved in to help them hold Zaira upright. "I'll take over from here."

A blonde beauty turned around the looked him up and down. "Oooo," she exclaimed. "We were just leaving, but do you mind helping us all out?"

The women giggled and whispered amongst themselves, and then another drew closer to him. "Yeah, we might just stay for a little while longer if you do."

It seemed that they were either tipsy from their drinking game or halfway to drunk--or maybe just pretending to be. On any other day, Trent would have indulged them. But not on this day...

Trent's gaze toggled back and forth between Zaira and her friends. "Who's driving?"

"I am," one of Zaira's friends stepped forward with a set of keys. "You coming with us?"

"No, ma'am. Thanks for the offer, but I got my own ride," Trent said. "Excuse me, ladies." He turned toward Zaira who hadn't said a thing. "I need a word with you."

"What about?"

"About Svelte. Can we talk alone?"

Zaira looked at him apprehensively. For a moment, he thought he saw a hint of concern marking her face at the mention of her father's company.

"Damn, Zaira. You told us you were single and looking. What gives?" one of Zaira's drunk friends said from behind. "You said you hadn't had dick in m--"

"--Pam...geez..." Zaira ran her fingers through her ponytail and bit at her bottom lip--something she always did when she was embarrassed. "Trisha, give me a minute. I'm going to that new joint with y'all, so don't leave without me."

"Are you alright?" Trent asked when her friends were out of earshot.


"But you're drunk."

"I only had one drink. I'm not that drunk. And if I was, then what...?" Zaira put her hands on her hips. "I came to party, eat, and drink. I'm not driving, I'm not causing problems, and I'm minding my own business. You've got issues with all that?"

"I do." Trent moved in closer. "You can barely walk and are in no position to go bar hopping."

"We're going to one bar after this. That hardly constitutes hopping."

"You're already slizzard. If your friends hadn't held you up, you would've been on your pretty little ass," he said.

Perfectly groomed eyebrows arched downward. "Is your name Loyd Wright, by any chance?"

"Last time I checked my ID, it read Trent Byron Stone. What's your father got to do with this?"

"He gave me my last orders at seventeen years old," she retorted.

"You told me once that I was the closest thing you had to a brother. I'm just looking out for you," he replied.

"There's a difference between giving me orders and looking out for me."

He breathed deeply, taking in her exotic scented perfume. "I'm a little confused. I thought you loved being on the receiving end."

She shook her head. "What?"

Trent chuckled. "Do you like to give or receive?"

Zaira gasped and straightened her back against the wall. "You're twisting my words around. Again. You're good at that, aren't you, Trent?"

Her face was so close to his and he whispered, "You know what else I'm good at? Detecting a lie. You've had more than one drink."

"Look, you told me you wanted to talk about something. What is--"

Zaira swayed again and this time he pressed his body gently against hers to keep her upright. She pressed her palm against her forehead. "I guess that last shot did me in." She chuckled nervously.

"How many did you have?"

"Three or four."

"Quit while you're ahead," he said.

"Trisha is our designated driver tonight and they're ready to go."

"They're ready to go to a bar and you will not be going with them. I take care of my own and those of my RR brothers. Your father qualifies and I'm responsible for making sure you get home safely."

Zaira's body grew lax against his. She pressed against his chest and held onto the front of his shirt for support. "Oh..."

"What in the world did you drink?" He lifted her chin to glance at her face.

"I drank too much of the Crown. Okay, I admit it. You happy now?"


She pursed her lips in defiance. "I haven't enjoyed a night with my girls in forever. So, save it."

"So, what's it gonna be? Are you gonna willingly let me drive you home or are we going to cause a scene?"

She grabbed onto his forearm. "I need some water and then I'll decide."

"Fine. Here's an empty seat." He gestured toward a side chair near the wall. "Just stay right here and I'll come back with water."

"Mmhmm, just hurry," she said, as she slumped down in the chair and pressed her palms to her face.

By the time Trent had grabbed some bottled water, found her friends and convinced them that he was sane, not a criminal, knew her parents, and would get her safely home, Zaira had leaned against the chair and had apparently passed out. He wasn't amused at all, but at least this ensured her protests about calling it a night were kept to a minimum.

He scooped her up and headed toward the door to his ride. As soon as the fresh night air hit them, she came to.

"Trent?" she murmured against his shoulder as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Yeah…that's me."

"You smell good." She breathed in deeply, eyes still closed. "You taking me home, right?"

"Of course."

"Do you want me?"

Trent halted abruptly. He had to pause to look at her for a moment, to make sure that those words actually came from her mouth. She'd spoken the words, but he reminded himself that she was intoxicated.

"Yes, I want you," he replied.

"Perfect," she whispered. "It's time to break a record."

He almost stumbled over a landscape rock as he crossed the huge front lawn to get to his ride. "What record?"

"I'm in no state to ride your bike."

"I drove my car." He didn't miss the fact that she'd never answered his question. "What record?"

Zaira chuckled softly against his throat sending carnal sensations down his spine. "Just drive me home." She lifted her face close to his and pressed smooth, chilly lips against his cheek. "I'll tell you when we get there. After you...unwrap me. And take me..."

He swallowed dry air. A hard-on pulsed behind his zipper, but he walked with his vixen in his arms down the single row of cars lining the curb contemplating his options.

They reached his Porsche and he helped Zaira inside before jumping in on the driver's side. No other words were spoken as she propped the seat back and succumbed to her fatigue. She looked so beautiful, even after consuming an undisclosed amount of liquor. But he wasn't that type of man. He didn't take advantage, especially not with someone he cared about. He wanted her--badly. But he wanted the real Zaira Wright, quick temper and all.

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O for Two by Holley Trent

Olivia Patterson is a rolling stone...or maybe a flying one. As a flight attendant, she lives in the air. She's never put down roots, and liked it that way...until now. When she touches down on the ground, she wants there to be someone waiting for her. For now, she'd settle for a bit of no-strings-attached company. She accepts an invitation to the Hotel Beaudelaire's exclusive Den of Sin expecting to have her kinks indulged, not her heart battered.

Clint Morstad and Ken Brook have been in a committed, monogamous relationship for eleven years and are a mostly perfect match. However, after a decade together both admit their relationship needs a feminine influence. They visit the Den to search for their perfect woman, and believe easy-going Olivia could be their ideal match.

As much as she adores them, Olivia doesn't want to get attached to men she can't keep. When she slips away before they can invite her home, Clint and Ken left with a dilemma. Should they give chase to the only woman they've wanted to share, or let her fly?

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I've posted an exclusive excerpt below.

Copyright (c) Ambrielle Kirk 2014
"You do know what I'm about to ask you, right?" Blake removed a hand from the steering wheel and lightly stroked her face with the soft side of his thumb.

Naomi turned her attention from the vivid lights of the truss bridge and the smell of fresh river water. Blake was driving a little slower than usual. He was usually the speed demon out of the two of them, but that was when they were together without worries and not a care in the world. When they were both members of the Arnou Pack, they had fewer problems, but then he decided to leave and she decided to stay.

"You always have a dozen questions, Blake," she said with a slow smile. "Why don't you start with the easy questions first? Let's get those out of the way."

"Why are you so beautiful?"

A heated blush warmed her face, and she pretended to be preoccupied with the AC dial on the dashboard. "That's not an easy question."

"Okay, next question. What happened to the shy girl next door I met twelve years ago at Arnou's fireworks show?"

"I grew up."

"Into a beautiful woman." His hands were planted on the steering wheel. He stared straight ahead at the road. "You were just fifteen when I met you. So young yet so vibrant and free spirited. I remember the night of Arnou's first fireworks show as though it was yesterday. Not only was it the day I returned to town after my uncle sent Aiden and me off to spend two years at a human Ivy League school, but it also was the day I imagined a purposeful life. I had no clear direction until I saw you."

She swallowed. This conversation always made her nervous. At fifteen years old, she received the shock of her life when she discovered Blake DeLuca was her mate. How many times as a young adolescent did she hear her counterparts and friends talking about how much they wanted to find their true mates, bond and have 5.2 kids, which was the average family size in the Arnou community? Finding her mate was never a priority for her like it was for so many other women, but to her surprise, she'd caught scent of Blake when she least expected to.

Back then, all she wanted to do was to find a way to please her father and find her independence in the process.

"You had a direction. You told me how Aiden and you wanted to go in business together and own your own security agency."

"Yeah, things haven't quite happened that way. Sometimes you make plans but then better ones develop."

Naomi bit the inside corner of her mouth. "I screwed up your plans, didn't I? If you'd never met me, you would've left the Arnou Pack long before you did. You wouldn't have made it past the Elite recruitment stage if you'd have left when you said you would."
Blake turned a corner, leading them into the metropolitan area where she'd booked a hotel for a week. The hotel was in the unmarked territories, but it was better than staying on Arnou lands where anyone might notice her and report to her superiors.

"I knew I had choices back then--both inside and outside of the Arnou Pack."

"But you had far better opportunities outside of the Arnou Pack. Look at you now. You're on the Caedmon Council. You're living a life you're proud of and one in which you believe."

He stopped under a red light and turned to face her. "I never wanted to leave without you. You backed out at the last minute and it was too late. Aiden and I refused the Belt. Do you know how many wolves we crippled to break from the Arnou prison cells?"

She shook her head. "They are not prison cells."

"Close enough. He wants all of you housed right outside his backdoor in that compound."

"It was to protect us. To keep us near."

Blake frowned. "To make sure that no one strayed away from him. It's why I refused. We're not dogs and we don't wear anyone's collar let alone a belt."

Arnou-kind had talked about Blake and Aiden's refusal for months. No one had ever refused the Elite Belt. No one had gone through a full training cycle, passed with high honors, and escaped without serving.

Naomi shook her head and diverted her eyes. "I couldn't...I couldn't put my father's health on the line and my brother--"

"I know. Your brother dreamed of climbing the ranks within the Arnou Pack. Your father would've been ashamed of you. You already told me this."

Blake hit the gas as soon as the light changed to green.

"Then why bring it up? I can't wave a magic wand and change any of the past." She raised her palm, signaling the conversation was over. "We're behind this now. We've found a way to work around it."

"Work around it?" He must have lifted his foot off the gas pedal because the sports car slowed in pace. "I don't want to work around being with you. Call me selfish, but I want you in the center of my world. I want to wake in bed next to you. I want to enjoy breakfast with you every day at sunrise. When I go to bed, I not only want you as the last thing on my mind, but I also want your taste to be the last one on my lips when I drift off to sleep. I know I told you I could wait, Naomi, that I'd wait until we're old and gray, but I'm miserable trying to keep that promise. I don't like being miserable."

She sighed deeply, trying to calm her racing heart. The truth was every time Blake talked about them being together as he suggested, she became overjoyed, thinking of the possibilities. In the Elite training program, they were taught never to dream and fantasize about happily ever afters because the moment one let their emotions take over, their guards fell. Letting your guard fall meant challenging your enemies in a weak state of mind.

It was too late for her. When she escaped her short-term lock-down and walked out on her father and brother a couple days ago, she let her heart make the decision for her.

This time it was Naomi who rested her palm on his thigh. "I'm glad you think I'm beautiful, but a dose of real life and targeted training turned this shy girl next door into a bold, brave, action-oriented woman. At fifteen I met you, and you showed me I didn't have to shadow my brother to gain recognition. Like you, I had choices but mine affected the people around me directly. The only family I have left in this world are my father and brother. If I grew up knowing my mother, maybe things would've been different. She died bringing my twin brother and me into this world."

Blake's leg grew tense under her palm, and he placed a hand over hers. "I'm sorry."

"I'm being selfish too. Sometimes I have to remind myself both of your parents perished in an accident. You're so well-rounded, like the other people I know who grew up in homes with two parents."

"I had my uncle, who did right by Aiden and me. He punished us if we showed the slightest rivalry toward one another." Blake chuckled. "He told us if we wanted to fight, we should do it professionally. We both picked professions that involved the complete opposite."

Naomi smiled. "You own the shooting range and teach self-defense classes, and Aiden's the bodyguard. Funny how things turned out." She pointed to a green street sign up ahead. "North Main Street, this is it. Turn right up ahead."

"Pretty fancy for a night on the town after partying at a nightclub," Blake commented as he pulled into the parking lot. "This has got to be at least five stars."

"Good guess," she replied. "But it's for more than just a night on the town, and I didn't go to that nightclub to party."

"Your avid curiosity seems to be one trait you'll never lose." Blake grinned, put the car in park, and turned off the engine. "Which leads me to my other question..."

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Just this month something crazy happened. We all know computers, hard drives, and such don't last forever and eventually become obsolete and out of date. And sometimes they even do rage- inducing things like crash and display error messages that look like ancient cryptic code.

Yep, it happened to me.
I lost count of the number of times that thing crashed while I was in the middle of doing something. I decided to put that PC to bed. Of course, I trouble-shooted, googled, and yelled bloody murder and even gave it to my IT guy to look at, but all arrows pointed to a hard drive that would eventually fail.

I wasn't taking any chances. Nope, not losing my work, reports, and important documents. Not if I can do something about it.

I'm already getting cozy using the new machine, but all this took quite a bit of time from writing and business related side of publishing.

The good thing is that because of my auto-sync with OneDrive (SkyDrive) and a quick back up to Dropbox, I salvaged almost everything of importance. With the exception of a few *clears throat* inspirational pics of handsome men in all stages of dress and undress. But those come a dime a dozen right? I'll eventually find some more.

So, I said all that to say this: Delays abound.

Not too bad since the whole scenario happened over a span of a few weeks.

I'm currently working on Taken by Temptation and the 3rd book in the Rugged Riders series. Some of the events happen simultaneously and these brothers are so closely connected that I figured keeping the writing of books 2 and 3 together would be my best bet. That also means that the releases will likely be closer together too.

I have a title for the 3rd book, which is about Marcus's brother, Sean: Seduced by Sin.

I'm working to get Taken by Temptation up at retailers by July.

Seduced by Sin will follow next.
Next on my radar are Donor Reloaded, which is the follow up to Dresdan Coven #1, and another bad boy outlaw book. That means Elaina is back and itching to take down District 5 and Dane Magnus isn't the only outlaw about to meet his match.
The next set of Den of Sin novellas will release in June. My contribution this season is Illicit Passions.
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Illicit Passions is part of the Den of Sin series and releases as an addition to the Bacchanal Season. 3 new titles will release this May. Illicit Passions is an erotic contemporary novella with MF and MFM scenes. 
To find out more about the den of sin series, visit us on the web at
Paige Houston has always been known by her friends for having her nose stuck in a book. Reading is her escape and the hotter the plot, the better. Unlike the heroines in her sexy stories, she hasn’t had much luck in the romance department. Her sorority sister dares her to indulge in a one night stand at a secret club where strings are never attached and holds are rarely barred. Paige’s adventurous side won’t allow her to pass up the opportunity.

Corey Shelton has his hands full these days. After inheriting a car repair shop from his late grandfather, he’s been working day in and day out on a business re-launch. He has no time for needy women and he’d encountered a string of them in this town lately. When one of his most respected client’s convinces him to fill out a matchmaking profile to attend a secret den of sin, he blindly agrees.

When Corey gets the invite to the Hotel Beaudelaire along with a note from Paige about her erotic fantasies, his libido goes into overdrive and he just has to have her.
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It's been a long time since I've rambled on the blog about what I'm writing, what I'm going to write, etc. etc. So here I am...

I imagine that this Spring and Summer will be just like any other. The weather is beautiful outside and naturally that is where I want to be. I also want to be shopping and lounging around watching back to back action movies too, but we'll save that discussion for another time. While I can't avoid these temptations, I can create aversions by immersing myself with books, both reading and writing.

But there's this thing called writer's block. I don't even know if I want to call it that. For me, I can define it as a short (or long) period of time where I know I should be writing (books of course) but hesitate because the idea hasn't fully developed yet. And when an idea hasn't developed, there is this period of stalling. And thinking. And researching. And pondering. get the idea. Well, stalling on one project does none of my works in progress any justice. So I've been fighting to deal with that and my solution right now is to write the story that has fully developed and calls to me. In some cases, it is the story that is first on my priority list and in other cases it is a story that is so far down on the priority line, I sometimes wonder how it emerged again so quickly. Characters are pesky when they want to be and not when you force them to be.

Which leads me to my next two upcoming releases:

Shifter Untamed

Illicit Passions (Den of Sin)

Shifter Untamed

In a world where humans and shifters live side-by-side, two lives come together...

Dane Magnus fought for and won the position of Pack Alpha, but to legally inherit the land left by his late human mother, the outlaw shifter needs to marry a human.

Trina Daniels needs six figures to pay for her dad's surgery. Money she doesn't have. She's willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means pursuing drastic measures, such as the ruthless womanizing Dane.

But when outside sources begin to threaten their chances as well as their lives, they only have each other to rely on.

Illicit Passions

Paige Houston has always been known by her friends for having her nose stuck in a book. Reading is her escape and the hotter the plot, the better. Unlike the heroines in her sexy stories, she hasn't had much luck in the romance department. Her sorority sister dares her to indulge in a one night stand at a secret club where strings are never attached and holds are rarely barred. Paige's adventurous side won't allow her to pass up the opportunity.

Corey Shelton has his hands full these days. After inheriting a car repair shop from his late grandfather, he's been working day in and day out on a business re-launch. He has no time for needy women and he'd encountered a string of them in this town lately. When one of his most respected client's convinces him to fill out a matchmaking profile to attend a secret den of sin, he blindly agrees.

When Corey gets the invite to the Hotel Beaudelaire along with a note from Paige about her erotic fantasies, his libido goes into overdrive and he just has to have her.

Series Snapshot

I've also recently been asked if I had any other ongoing series besides the Caedmon Wolves (wolf shifter) one. On each of the series pages, I've added a brief introduction about the theme and paranormal creature (if any). Hopefully, those that come across my website, will find it easier to make their choice.

Rugged Riders is a name for a contemporary romance theme centered around a group of brothers connected by blood, bond, or both. Rugged Riders is not a motorcycle club (MC) romance, but rather focuses on the lives of the brothers whose interests may involve motorcycles, hot cars, smart beautiful woman, and successful business ventures (basically any or all of the above). The men are Alpha bad boys. Each book in the Rugged Riders collection can be read as a stand alone as each story is centered around a hero, heroine, and their own goals and inner battles.

Blood Legends is a series set in an urban fantasy world on Middle Earth. Additional installments are meant to be read in series order. The main and secondary characters are vampires, werewolves, demons, and witches/wizards. The protagonist, Mona, is constantly put into situations where she must choose between her life and the lives of others. She must choose between love and friendship. She must choose between honor and duty. The hero (or rather heroes) must stand by the woman deemed to be their savior even when they disagree with her. The heroes also have a vested duty to secure the continuity of their own race.

Caedmon Wolves is a paranormal romance series set in the United States. The Pack Council is headquartered out of Virginia near the Mountains and is led by Alpha Devin Caedmon. In this world there are werewolves, humans, and Others. The main series arc revolves around the warring between two factions—the werewolves and Others. There is also conflict between the various Packs as they fight to gain the dominate foothold in North America. The installments have been written to compliment the series arc but with just enough information for readers to follow through should they start mid-series. However, it is recommended that the installments be read in order. Each installment features a new couple which satisfies the romance aspect of this paranormal romance series. Readers should be aware that the CW series and MAIN plot arc are heavy on paranormal world building.

Arnou Wolves is a spin-off paranormal romance series set in the same world as Caedmon Wolves. Like CW, Each installment features a new couple which satisfies the romance aspect of this paranormal romance series. Readers should be aware that the CW series and MAIN plot arc are heavy on paranormal world building.

The first book, Shifter Untamed, in this collection is part of the Bad Boy series at The Aspen Valley outlaws is a paranormal world in a contemporary setting. The Pack is headquartered in a fictional town, Aspen Valley. In these books, humans are well aware that wolf shifters exists. Some are opposed to the idea of having shape-shifting humans dangerous and roaming free and do whatever it takes to restrict their rights. Others do not care one way or the other. This is not a series where each book has to be read one after the other, but a collection. The brothers are connected to a group known as the Aspen Valley Outlaws. Future installments in the AVO collection can be read as a stand alone as each story is centered on a hero, heroine, and their own goals and inner battles.

Dresdan Coven is a paranormal romance series whose otherworldly entities involve vampires and hybrids. There are humans too. In this world, the vampires are called Dresdan, which is an ancient race whose origins date back to 2 BC. They are most deadly and ruthless of all vampire species and most all the other species have either died out or have been annihilated. The main series arc revolves around bringing down District 5, whose mission involves the inhuman treatment of humans as they aim to create a hybrid between human and Dresdan. The books will focus on one couple, Elaina and Vicq, through their struggles and victories. Additional installments of DC are meant to be read in series order.

Soul Bond is a paranormal romance series whose otherworldly entities involve demons and witches (or humans). The theme centers on a family of witches with the power to voluntarily or involuntarily summon a demon from Otherworld to Earth through the Book and Ring of Power. These witches unknowingly start a chain of events that will thrust them into the unfamiliar realms of Otherworld and their power struggles. The installments have been written to compliment the series arc but with just enough information for readers to follow through should they start mid-series. However, it is recommended that the installments be read in order. Each installment features a new couple which satisfies the romance aspect of this paranormal romance series. Readers should be aware that the SB series and MAIN plot arc are heavy on paranormal world building.

What series are you reading?


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On this hop I'll be introducing you to TWO alpha men Alpha Devin Caedmon of the Caedmon Wolves series and Travis Brenden of Wicked Surrender (Den of Sin).

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